Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Burda 04/14 #126

Love this coat!  I had the pattern traced for a while but then decided I needed to make summer clothes ahead of season.  That was smart.  But by time I got to this coat, it was  too warm to wear it here.  I had the fabric in my stash for a few months but was afraid to sew it because I thought it would be too bulky at seams therefore tough to sew and tough to press.  The fabric sewed beautifully though (apart from fraying) and my husband made me a clapper for pressing.  I think it is my favourite notion!  It creased so well with steam, any fabric! Seriously, I think it is the best gadget and will never sew without it again.  The other thing I feared was the print of the fabric.  In full yardage you could see the panels running down the fabric.  The repeats were about 12" wide and I thought it would transfer to the coat.  It didn't!  I cut carefully but it wasn't really a big issue once the fabric was all cut up. 
I made a size 36 with no alterations.  I used rayon bemberg (stash) for lining.  Usually I like to use printed funky linings, but with the leopard print I like a  solid colour lining.  There is just one simple closure on the outside.  Burda suggested 2 snaps inside also, but I just wanted to be done and can add them later if necessary.  The one closure holds securely now and this coat won't be worn often anyway.  Even though I love it!
The dress is Jalie 3024 from last year.  It had a flounce on the bottom which I never really liked therefor never wore.  Today I cut it off and re hemmed it.  Now I really love it and just finished cutting another in a striped fabric.  Tomorrow I get to sew.

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