Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Sewing Room

My husband just finished the newest and best addition to my sewing room - my cutting/tracing/fabric storage/work table.  A year or 3 ago he made me a work table for the kitchen that is great for kneading bread and folding laundry.  I have been using it to trace and cut patterns on.  It was very good but I am spoiled and wanted one in my sewing room with adjustable heights. 

This is the table in the kitchen.  The curtains are handwoven by me.  I wove for 3 years but then had to quit as it was too physically challenging for me.

This is my new table at the lowest position for cutting.  You see the tube underneath on the floor?  That's where I store my Burda patterns.
 This is the table at my preferred high position.  I like this for tracing and working at.  Also there is plenty of room for fabric storage.  If I have more
fabric than I can fit here, I know I have too much!

Here is the drawer with all my tracing tools, scissors, markers, tape, weights, rotary cutter and single hole punch.  I trace all my patterns, not just Burda. 
My husband has also made me a sewing table that was customized for quilting.  Behind it there are extensions that open up to support the weight of the quilt when quilting.  It is also handy to have the machine needle level with the surface. 

This is the project that got him started in woodworking.  We used to live in a 2 bedroom bungalow with no garage.  Then I wanted a sewing table but they were so expensive!  He said I can make you one better and cheaper.  Ha! Now I have a room full of sewing things and he has a garage full of tools.  We love our hobbies. 
Last year I bought a serger so I needed a new table! It is just the right size with 3 small drawers for my serging gadgets. 
He also made me a jumbo ironing board (from my quilting days).
The box underneath with the inlaid heart was made by him and it is where I store my knitting and crochet needles.  Here is a better picture of the quilt on the wall.
He also installed my 3 way mirror and a long hanging rod for all my handmade clothes.

He made me a thread rack and helped me organize my rulers. The only thing about him is he doesn't like to have his picture taken! My sewing room is my favourite place to be thanks to my amazing husband!

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